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You can have your Free License or Demo in minutes!

The demo is a fully functional copy of BitBeater Auto Transport Software with customer and and invoice data. The demo will expire in 15 days. You can also request a 30 day risk free trial license. You can try the program out with your actual customers and deals. To request a 30 day trial license simply send us an email request with your company name and address.

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Please note the download is approximately 1 GB. Depending on your connection speed
it may take a few minutes for the download to complete. The demo password is "DEMO"


What's in the Demo?

The demo has six Customers, seventy three Invoices, and seventy Manifests. You can experiment with those records, or enter your own data.

Just click the "Start Downloading Demo" button above to download a copy of our Auto Trans[ort Software. If you have any problems with the installation, give us a call at 330-726-9611 and we'll help you get started.

Auto Transport Software


What about the Trial License?

Give us a call or send us an email for your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL LICENSE. All we need is your Company Name and Address. After 30 days when you decide that you can not live without BitBeater, give us a call for your Annual License. All of the inventory, and deal information you entered will remain to be used in the future.

Get Your Free 30 Day License Now !

Tips on Installing and Running The BitBeater Auto Transport Software Demo

You will have two options for installing the demo when you download the file:

You can click “Run” when prompted to download and the demo will download a copy and immediately install on your computer. Just follow the instructions. The demo will be installed, an icon will be placed in your Start Menu as well as your Desktop.

You can also click “Save”. The AutoxDemo.exe file will be saved to your computer to whatever location you specify. When you are ready to install the demo, just double click on the file and follow the instructions. The demo will be installed and an icon will be placed in your Start Menu as well as your Desktop. Feel free to share the demo file with friends or others who want to try out BitBeater Auto Transport Software.

When setup is complete, click on Start>Programs>AutoxDemo. The first time BitBeater loads and you will be presented with the licensing agreement. You must agree by clicking on the "I Agree" button to proceed. 

After agreeing you have complete access to the program. If you need a form that you don't find, please call us or drop us an email. We can add forms quickly at NO CHARGE to you. We want you to try the demo and to be totally comfortable with our software before you buy it. 


You are now ready to try BitBeater. Each time you start BitBeater you will be asked for your password. The password for the demo is "DEMO". Simply enter demo and you will see the BitBeater main menu.

You can access "Help" by pressing the "F1 Function Key" or click on "Help" in the menu at the top of the screen. In the help file there are detailed directions for setting up BitBeater and well as how to use BitBeater features. Experiment with the data to see how versatile BitBeater is.


Un-Installing The BitBeater Auto Transport Software Demo

An un-install utility is included with the demo. It's in the Program Menu.

Cclick: Start>Programs>BitBeater Demo>Un install Autox Demo

You can also un install the demo by clicking:Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>Autox Demo>Change/Remove. BitBeater will be uninstalled and icons removed.



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